Work principles

Economical growth and production development are forcing to move together with technologies. Application of new job practices, allows to us performance of broad spectrum of assigned tasks by the customer. For increasing of key performance indicators and decreasing of term of jobs accomplishment, specialists from different kinds of industries are involved.

policy of the company is optimum labor division among employees, allows creative nature of the work, steady load as well as proper specialization. Flexible approach for assigned task is ensured by highly organized team. Tough selection of employees and stable
salary payments provided to our company high professional level of our staff. Currently staff potential of the company satisfes modern requirements and rates of science and technology development.

Every manager on his level takes personal responsibility for implementation of reached decisions. Engineering staff of our company passes every ear’s certifcation procedure by corresponding institutions. Nowadays, management of our company – are people
with highly developed moral-volitional abilities, who knows exactly their own affairs. Every one of them has got many years of experience. Many of our employees has got certifcates of Independent assessment Committee of inspection and welding.

Great attention is paid to health and safety. Strict adherence to safety standards and use of modern means of individual protection eliminates the number of accidents, accidents and accidents. Our company stimulates implementation of new ideas and readiness for new kinds of activities. This allows creation of flexible structure, capable for fast rearrangement and increases level of orderliness and creates conditions for effective functioning of the company in the whole.

Key points of successful development of our company:

  • Coherence of employees activities
  • Promptness in making decisions
  • Clearly expressed responsibility of the employee
  • Personal responsibility of the manager

To support competitiveness to invest to:

  • Purchasing and replacement of expired equipment and tools
  • Purchasing of uniform and personal protection equipment
  • Updating and renovation of the vehicles
  • Research and development of prospective directions
  • Creation of the conditions for effcient work

Long term cooperation with our German partners, provided necessary potential and conditions for stable development at Russian market of services. We have developed new markets from saintpetersburg to Vladivostok. Collected experience, professional tools and
skills of our employees allows performing jobs in accordance to engineering regulations of industrialized countries. Work of our company was many times pointed out as excellent by our customers, professionalism which gives a confdence. an activity of montage systems llC is pointed out by Testimonial from Tulacement llC, Heidelbergcement Group, Holcim (Rus), Schenck process Russia.