About the company

Work principles

Economical growth and production development are forcing to move together with technologies. Application of new job practices, allows to us performance of broad spectrum of assigned tasks by the customer. For increasing of key performance indicators and decreasing of term of jobs accomplishment, specialists from different kinds of industries are involved.

Principal activities

ME works

  • Electrical
  • Ventilation
  • Low-current system
  • Technological thermal insulation


  • Installation
  • Connection
  • Adjustment
  • Preparation to the commissioning
  • Services

Construction works

  • Mounting of prefabricated concrete structures
  • Steel structures
  • Concrete works
  • Mounting of sandwich panels


Montage Systems

Our Company was founded in 2011 by the experienced specialists in the area of construction and

  • Since 2011 the Company began with the realization of industrial projects
  • The Company has an own office in Shuya Ivanovo region
  • The Company has an own industrial base
  • The Company has the storages and the mounting equipment